King Boxing Gloves King Professional Boxing Company was founded in Bangkok, Thailand in 2000. Over the past decade, fighters from all over the world have found the brand’s products to be of the highest quality and best function for their sport. KING developed some of the most popular styles of safety equipment for Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

These products include KING boxing gloves with “Air” vented palms, pioneered the tri-color gloves and a unique wrist support that braces the wrist and is renowned throughout the fight community. These developments positioned KING as a new leader in the industry and with the company’s reputation for quality help to secure a bright future. King Boxing Gloves "AIR" Model

King "Professional" Boxing Gloves KING boxing gloves also are known for varied designs including a curved cuff, the “Ultimate” boxing glove is a great example of this highly popular style that gives increase support at the wrist with a punching feel that many boxers look for. The KING “Professional” boxing gloves have a similar feel but include a hybrid leather and elastic strap. The “Professional” boxing glove has a straight cuff.

In the field of shin protection, KING is the top name for innovative safety development. Its designs empower the user to be confident of their movements while developing creativity in the grueling disciplines of the combat sports. The unique shape of the KING shin guards has been copied all around the world as the best design for maximum protection of the shin in full contact sparring. King Shin-guard World's Top Design

King Head Gear Within the field of safety equipment for fighting sports, KING produces a wide array of equipment. The KING headgear is superlatively formed in such a way to protect against cuts and bruises. Favored by professional athletes who depend on this equipment to prepare for full contact bouts this gear is available directly to the public.

Known as a unique and outstanding boxing equipment brand KING boxing gloves are a synthesis of technology, functional knowledge and the world’s finest manufacturing. KING leather and man-made leather products are extremely durable with top quality materials and craftsmanship. KING boxing gloves are regarded throughout the world as one of a few international boxing brands that set standards that all others follow. King Boxers Standing Head to Head

King Boxing Gloves in K-1 MAX

In the beginning of the K-1 MAX shows KING develop a unique lace-up glove that sustained their fighters and became world famous for its signature style. Over time Dutch and Thai fighters have also made the brand more famous by using it in international competition. After a number of years KING has become a staple product that is a necessity in the training of world-class fighters.

KING was also a pioneer as one of the early MMA brands with products that matched the needs of fighters in training and competition with combat and training gloves. Recognizing the need for a superior training glove KING MMA training gloves were created. These top quality gloves were padded with multi-layers of foam to protect and cushion impact. The wrist-wraps also contoured well to allow for flexibility and wrist support. Another creation of KING was a MMA shin-guard the first of its kind in Thailand. This outstanding shape gave fighters a truly high-end safety product to be used in the versatile training scenarios.  MMA Fighter Wearing King Headgear

KIng Bag Gloves Within the training glove line KING was first to introduce the unique “Air” venting system that the brand has become famous for. Additionally KING bag gloves utilize a leather and elastic wrist security system that protects the wrist without losing mobility or ever feeling loose on the wrist. As with many of the other product from the KING brand tri-color products were made standard for maximum visibility and reflection of the practitioner’s individuality.

KING handwraps and ankle supports are made from the highest quality Thai materials. The elasticity and density of these products are optimized specifically for boxing and Muay Thai. Many other companies in the past would use commercial materials not engineered for combat sport instead of taking the time to create a superior safety material as KING has. When the KING company released its abdominal guard it instantly gained the attention of the international boxing community with its outstanding craftsmanship and evolved design. This attention to detail can even be seen in the KING steel cup which is a must for competitive Muay Thai fighters. King Hand Wraps

King Curved Thai Pads For the trainers KING was the first company to develop the curved Thai-pad. The significance of this product helped to cement KING’s reputation amongst coaches around the world. The curved Thai-pad was a revolutionary product that created a better kicking surface and contributed to better form while performing techniques. Another difference with KING training gear was a specially formulated style of leather was developed and integrated into key products. This material never before used helped to reduce slippage and training errors when performing maneuvers that could otherwise lead to significant injuries.

Trainers find themselves on the receiving end of heavy blows and to reduce the chance of injury sometimes more or less protection in needed as the protection often reduces mobility. KING belly-pads give the coach options for more protection or mobility depending on their training strategy. King Belly Pad

King Muay Thai Shorts and Shirts For fighters and coaches alike perhaps nothing displays their character and sense of style as the shorts and fight-wear that they choose. Within the KING factory complex located in Bangkok Thailand there are several floors devoted strictly to the creation of the world’s most innovative apparel for fighting sports. Muay Thai shorts, boxing trunks, MMA shorts are all hand-made by skilled workers who know that users will treasure the products for year to come. Only the best quality fabrics are used to create design and patterns which are then tested throughout Thailand, Europe and the United States to ensure that function and form meet rugged durability. These designs are used in all different combat sports around the world. Always original but often copied; KING stands as a global leader in satin and nylon shorts for Muay Thai and international boxing. Red with fire-like stripes to jet-black designs emblazed with the classic KING symbol and other embellished patterns words in English or Thai language motivate the fighter and reveal their intensity.

Of course the fight wear side also creates walk-out apparel for the fight from robes to corner-men jackets every member of a team is covered by KING. Often teams from around the globe will special order products bearing their logo or team name. In the community these products for training safely and apparel for fighting are the real tools of our trade – competitive style professional boxing, Muay Thai and MMA. Everyone knows that KING products are a reflection of a serious commitment to excellence both from the manufacturer and the fighter who wears it with pride. King Walkout Robe

King Professional New Official Website for the Top Boxing Equipment After over a decade of being difficult connect with in many markets KING has launched a new internet site to connect with fighters, coaches and the distributors all around the world who want to make the best equipment available. The site is located at and has sections devoted to both retail and wholesale customers.

Throughout the supply chain KING stands behind every product and design that bears its legendary name. Every product is made by hand – every product is treasured by the people that count on protection in the toughest sports in the world. King Boxing Gloves